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Cutting Edge Talent acquisition
and HR consultancy

iRecruit Africa is an indigenous manning agency, recruitment and HR consulting company in Ghana with the aim of introducing cutting edge HR innovative practices and providing quality employees for the employer.

iRecruit Africa represents the next generation in talent acquisition and HR consultancy consisting of a team of experts with a relentless work ethic. We provide full recruitment, screening, processing, payroll, onboarding, learning and development training and facilitation services for your temporary, permanent, and full-time employee needs.

Our consultants provide assistance and advice management on the administration of Human Resources policies and procedures, serve as internal consultants by analyzing a company’s current HR programs, performing HR audits and recommending solutions.

Increase your capacity while maximizing
your budget

Our professional consultants have robust networks in the oil & gas, sales, administration, IT, banking, financial services, management, automotive, aerospace, construction, and real estate sectors. They can advise you on matters of corporate resource planning, employee compensation and benefits, succession, and contracting out.

We work in partnership with your management team, hiring manager, or HR department to determine what you require to increase your capacity while maximizing your budget.

Mission | Vision | Objectives

Our Mission

To be recognised as a reliable asset for the future growth, support and infrastructure to the Oil, Gas and Energy Industry.

Our Vision

To be part of every Leading Oil & Gas company’s integral business plan for all future development both Onshore and Offshore

Our Aim

At iRecruit Africa, we believe in creating a personalised solution, tailor made to meet with your recruitment needs and associated benefits based on a close understanding of our Clients, Candidates and the Industry.

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